The Great Newspaper Debate

I was most happy to read this article from Game Changer today.

I’ve been a fan of the newspaper for a long time and I definitely miss carrying around something easy to read with daily information, particularly when they have a crossword or two thrown in for good measure. So it certainly has been disturbing to know that the newspaper industry was slowly dying. However, Game Changer has made an excellent highlight of how The Washington Post is approaching its situation and reinventing itself. It seems so simple, so wonderfully simple. Consider yourself in the editorial business, where your main role is to sift through all the news of the day and compile it with a specific focus. Rather than in the newspaper business, where your main job is to write, print and distribute newspapers.

This made me think of some of the statements that have really hit home in the last few years. There are a couple which stand out, where somebody has particularly challenged my perception of the type of business I am in. When I was developing an interactive online platform, it was a book that screamed “you’re in the publishing business”, which profoundly changed my view on my project. Last week, meeting with UNICEF, they stated, “You’re in the technology business” which immediately highlighted some of the challenges we were facing.

Knowing which business you are in is of course essential. Challenging which business you’re in can help open new ways of thinking, of disrupting the business model of your industry and to find innovative new ideas

A good question to hold.


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